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When it comes to lawn care services in Oahu, we at Island Ohana Tree & Landscaping Services can get the job done quickly and properly. Call us at (808) 698-6766 so we can discuss your needs and we can quote a fair price without any hidden fees to worry about. 

Contact us today so you can have a proper plan for the care and maintenance of your lawn. At Island Ohana Tree & Landscaping Services, we’re with you every step of the way.

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Our Idea Of Lawn Care

For most people, it seems like lawn care is merely all about mowing the grass. Other landscaping services offer other tasks like putting in sod or pruning the shrubbery, and not much else. Sure, we do all these things as well, but our idea of lawn care is much more comprehensive.

What we do is to assess the greenery and the property itself as a complete system. We can then get a more accurate view of the overall state and health of your lawn. 

It’s a bit like being a doctor and giving our patient a complete checkup. After we’ve seen the results, we can the devise a customized treatment plan based on several factors. These factors include what you can afford, what your lawn specifically needs, and what you personally want for your lawn. 

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What You Can Expect

We don’t start immediately with the state of the grass on your lawn. We go in deeper, and in this case we mean it literally. That’s because we start our evaluation with the soil, so we do a soil analysis first of all. 

First we take our sample and obtain a clearer picture of the state of your soil profile. We can take a complete inspection of the property, taking into consideration factors such as the presence of turf, shrubs, and trees and soil compaction. We factor in water drainage conditions and elevation too. 

We then take in your goals and your budget and formulate a plan for your lawn that will satisfy your needs and meet proper health and safety standards. 

Our plans can involve an array of treatment plans that can include several visits per season. It will also involve balanced fertilization, and dealing with issues like dandelions and crabgrass. 

Even the payment plan can be customized as well. Since our treatment plan can last for months, your payments can also be spread over a period of time. 

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