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Are your Kapolei property’s trees becoming overgrown and unruly? Our tree service professionals at Island Ohana Tree & Landscaping Services can help you! Trimming and removing trees will be a breeze with our assistance. Our tree service experts use state-of-the-art equipment that allows them to manage tasks of any scale with ease.

We’ll be pleased to answer any questions you have regarding our tree services in Kapolei. Simply give Island Ohana Tree & Landscaping Services a call at (808) 698-6766. Or complete the form on this page to receive a free quote.

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Our Tree Trimming Services In Kapolei

Many homeowners desire healthy, flourishing trees. Unfortunately, these plants tend to overgrow and become unmanageable. Furthermore, when your trees mature, they may take on an unsightly shape. Large dead branches may also be present in your trees.

Your unkempt trees could wind up putting your safety at risk. Your family could be badly injured if large, dead branches fall on them. Moreover, falling branches can injure your neighbors and other passersby, leaving you liable for their medical bills. Trees that grow too close to power lines can be hazardous as well.

Give us a call straight away if your trees and bushes are becoming out of hand, so we can stop the problem from getting worse. Our services for tree trimming services in Kapolei are affordable, and there are no extra charges.

Our Tree Removal Services In Kapolei 

A dead tree poses a danger to everyone nearby and should not be underestimated. It’s essentially a large chunk of wood that can be readily blown around by gusty winds. Branches can be whirled about like missiles, crashing onto cars, windows, and people. At worst, the tree’s trunk may break, allowing the whole tree to collapse on your house.

These are just a few of the instances that dead trees can cause problems in your home. Fortunately, there is a solution to this predicament. When it comes to effectively removing dead trees, our team of professionals has a wealth of expertise and skill. We have all the equipment we’ll need to do the project on time. We are the top choice for professional services for tree removal in Kapolei.

Our Kapolei Landscaping Services 

We can help you turn your ordinary yard into the perfect lawn. You can rely on us to help you take care of your trees and plants. We can also lay sod or install artificial turf for you.

Professional tree surgeons on our team can help with the rehabilitation of damaged or diseased trees. Pests and diseases are always a threat to your plants, but we can keep them at bay to keep your trees and shrubs healthy. We may also conduct a full soil study to help you determine the present state of your soil. Our Kapolei landscaping services are unmatched.

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Why You Should Choose Island Ohana Tree & Landscaping Services

Because of our unrivaled skill and dedication, Island Ohana Tree & Landscaping Services shines among other competitors. Our work is something we are very proud of. This isn’t just about making a profit; it’s also about helping others with tree and lawn care. At the end of the day, we’re all part of a larger ecosystem, and assisting customers with tree care helps everybody.

Highly Skilled

Our expertise is something our clientele can vouch for. We can perform various services to ensure the health of your trees and shrubs and the beauty of your lawn. Furthermore, our services keep your house from getting damaged and protect your family from an unsafe lawn.

We provide specialized knowledge and strategies that have been perfected through many years of industry experience. We can examine your plants completely before advising you on the most current and successful tree care practices for your property. We use cranes and other sophisticated equipment to reach the tops of your tallest trees.


It’s not only about how much we can accomplish; it is more about how we go about doing it. Our technicians are trained to treat customers with courtesy which includes arriving on time for appointments.

Our services are compliant with all safety regulations and standards, so you’ll be secure if something goes wrong. Our service is fully insured, so you don’t need to worry. Not only are our methods effective, but they are also ecologically responsible. We believe it is critical to be environmentally conscious!

Moreover, we believe that high-quality tree and lawn care should be accessible to all. As a result, our services are within everyone’s budget while still providing exceptional quality. We can present you with a free quote for a particular service. Yet, you still have the option of shopping around for a better deal. Nonetheless, we are confident that you will not discover a service that provides the same standard of quality and affordability as ours.

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