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We at Island Ohana Tree & Landscaping Services offer a very long list of services, and that includes trimming your shrubs. You can call us at (808) 698-6766 so we can give you a free quote.

Don’t try to trim your shrubs if you don’t have the knowledge and experience about it. Each shrub is unique. It may need a particular way of pruning, and you have to know when it’s ideal to trim your shrubs. The wrong method or the wrong reason can make things even worse. 

Call us, and we can provide you with a team of shrub trimming experts who can make sure the job is done right at the right time. We can make sure your shrubs are healthier, and that they look as beautiful as they ought to be. 

We offer free quotes and immediate responses—call (808) 698-6766 today!

Taking Care Of Your Shrubs

A lot of people get shrubs for their lawns because they really look nice. The problem with shrubs, though, is that they won’t look nice for long unless they’re properly maintained. Plenty of people don’t realize this at the onset so they forget about taking care of their shrubs until they notice that these shrubs aren’t as nice-looking as they ought to be. They’re overgrown, or they don’t have the nice leaves and flowers that make them attractive. 

These plants can be damaged by improper trimming. So they don’t even try to trim them at all. While that shows admirable restraint on their part, the right thing to do is to let the experts do the job. 

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What’s The Point Of Trimming Shrubs?

If you don’t trim your shrubs, they can grow to a size and shape that doesn’t look as good as you’d want them too. But that’s not the extent of the problem. Since the shrub has become overly bushy, it’s now too dense for the sunlight to penetrate to the inner braces. The branches inside don’t get the sunlight and nutrients they need, so those parts become weaker. You won’t have as many flowers in your shrubs and you end up with shrubs that aren’t as nice-looking as you expected. 

Call us, and we can trim these shrubs the right way. Your shrubs can maintain their health, and keep its natural shape. You’ll end up with a healthier shrub with more flowers and fresh growth. 

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