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It’s easy enough to understand why people love trees on their property. But while we aim to do everything we can to save a tree, sometimes it’s necessary to remove it. Trees are living things that can get hurt or acquire a disease. A tree can die, and a dead tree can become a dangerous hazard, hence the need to uproot it.

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The Danger Of Dead Trees

A dead tree represents a potential danger to everyone around it, and it’s a risk that you simply cannot ignore. When you have a dead tree on your property, you basically have a very large piece of wood that strong winds can blow off more easily. The various branches can be whipped about to act as missiles, hitting windows, cars, and people. Even the trunk itself can break and the whole tree can come crashing into your home. 

That’s the kind of danger that dead trees represent, but that’s also the kind of problem for which we have the solution. Our teams\ of experts has extensive experience and knowledge when it comes with dealing with dead trees, and they can be dealt with very quickly. We have the tools to complete the job with no unnecessary delay. 

If it’s too late and your tree has fallen before you call us, we can still help. After all, you have a dead tree on your lawn and it needs to be taken out. It has to be removed as quickly as possible, as storm winds can pick it up and cause it to do more damage. 

If it has hit your house, we can remove it quickly so you can get back home and start your repairs. You can get on with your life, and we can take dispose of the tree properly for you. 

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Trees give us shade on sunny days, and we all love them. Other than beautifying our properties, trees also help alleviate depression and other mental health conditions. Even though we love trees so much, there are times when they become a danger to homeowners. That is where tree removal becomes necessary. Tree removal should be done by a qualified expert to get rid of unwanted or dead trees safely.

Improper felling of trees leaves the stumps intact that may become a problem over time. A tree can easily topple over in the wrong direction when not done properly. It can result in damage to the property and injuries to its inhabitants. Even death can result from such actions. A local tree removal service has the necessary skills, experience, and tools to deal with any type of tree removal work. Here is why you need to rely on a local tree removal service when you have unwanted or dangerous trees in your garden.

Overgrown And Unkempt Trees

When trees overgrow in your garden, you need to remove them. Although you may have planted the trees at a safe distance from the home and driveway, years of growth can change things. The roots of the tree will grow outward in search of nutrients and push under the driveway or even encroach the home’s foundation in the long run. This will make the floor shift and render the house unlivable. Proper tree care and maintenance are needed to prevent such a tragedy over time.

Hazardous Tree Removal

Weakened or dead trees can pose a health risk to your loved ones. Trees weaken due to disease and age and can suddenly fall without any warning. Prompt professional tree felling will save the lives of your family before a strong windstorm or gravity blows it over. Crane Tree Removal is your trusted partner to remove any hazardous tree safely and securely. We have years of experience dealing with all types of tree removal and trimming work. Call us right now for a superior job when you need an emergency tree service in the area.

Land Clearing Services

Clear-cutting land for construction purposes is an unfortunate side effect of development. Are you building a new home or commercial facility or expanding an existing building? If so, you need to rely on an experienced tree service to assess which trees should be removed from the garden. Our certified arborists are specialized in providing tree care services to assess your needs and inform which trees can be removed. We will then remove these trees and make sure no roots are remaining to endanger the new building.

Tree Trimming Or Removal?

There are cases when you don’t have to remove trees from the garden. If they don’t pose any threat to the property, they can be trimmed instead of removing. Our tree service offers tree trimming and pruning services. Our arborists will evaluate your situation and determine if pruning will be enough to keep the branches away from the power lines or the roof of the building.

Planting Or Relocating Trees

We keep trees on our properties because we love them. You may consider relocating a tree instead of cutting it. Our northern VA contractor will assess the property to see where your shrubs and trees would be perfectly safe in the garden. We will then move the trees and shrubs there or plant a new one if the old tree had to be removed. Tree planting is always good for your landscape and the environment.

The Average Tree Removal Cost

Pricing plays a large part in deciding if a tree needs to be removed. You have to deal with tree removal costs even if you hire a professional for aesthetic reasons. Most companies will charge based on the height of the tree. In fact, they will have a set fee per foot and split them into height categories. On the other hand, stump grinding and removal will typically cost more.

There are times when tree removal is necessary. Dead tree removal can add to the cost. Additional costs may include permit requirements and the contractor’s liability insurance needs. Emergency or hazardous tree removal can become a risk to the crew. It’s best to plan tree removal before the situation worsens.

A Hawaii tree service company may not be able to provide an accurate estimate over the phone. The tree experts may need to survey the site before offering an accurate estimate for the project.

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