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A tree looks great when it’s healthy, but not all of its parts can be healthy all the time. Sometimes large and small branches die, and this is often the case when a tree only receives sunlight from one particular direction. The other side doesn’t get enough sunlight, and so the branches on that side don’t get the much needed nutrients. These branches eventually become deadwood, and we at Island Ohana Tree & Landscaping Services know how to deal with them properly. 

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What’s So Important About Deadwood?

Having dead branches in your tree is like having a dead toenail when you’re out in public wearing sandals. It just doesn’t look right at all. But with our Oahu deadwooding services, we are able to deal with the problem so you end up with a tree that looks much healthier and better for your property. 

It’s never just about the looks either. Deadwood poses a danger to the health of your tree because the dead wood can attract insects and pests. That can then lead to greater damage to your tree, and these insects can eventually threaten your home as well. 

It’s also about your safety and the safety of the people around you. Dead branches are more likely to detach, especially on a windy day. In fact, when the storms come in Oahu you may find that most of the tree branches the wind has blown off are the dead ones. 

If you have heavy branches blowing off or just falling, they can do damage to your home and to your family. They can also damage the homes of your neighbors or the people around you and that can lead to seriously expensive legal issues. You may have to pay for the damage to the homes of your neighbor, or pay for their medical expenses. 

By deadwooding, you’re able to get rid of these dead branches properly. The deadwood will no longer pose a threat to your health and property. In addition, your tree can grow healthier as the deadwood won’t attract insects. 

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