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Most homeowners want their trees and shrubs to grow healthy, but sometimes these plants become overgrown. Your trees may also grow into a weird shape that doesn’t look appealing at all. You may also find that your trees have large branches that are actually dead. 

For all these problems, we have the solutions. All you need to do is call (808) 698-6766, and we at Island Ohana Tree & Landscaping Services will give you the best quote for our Tree Trimming services, free of charge.

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Does Your Tree Need A Trim?

Trees can grow in several directions, especially when they grow without guidance. Often they grow in a way that doesn’t look good at all. 

Consider our services as some sort of personal grooming service for your trees and shrubs.

Overgrowth isn’t just about aesthetics either. It can also lead to safety issues. Your large dead branches can fall on your family. They may also fall on your neighbors and other passersby, and that can make you legally liable for their medical expenses. Trees can also grow towards electric lines and that can cause a hazard as well. 

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The Benefits Of Choosing Us

If your trees and shrubs don’t look right to you, give us a call at once so we can fix the problem before it gets worse. Don’t forget that if your trees and shrubs look unappealing, they can affect your property’s value. The costs of our tree trimming services are very reasonable with no hidden costs. But you may actually save money in the end if you take into account how much these overgrown trees can lower the bids for your home. 

In fact, you should contact us before the trees and shrubs become overgrown. We can provide the trimming and the barriers needed to grow your shrubs and trees in the way that you want. In addition, trimming the trees can help them grow stronger. 

We have the experience in tree trimming necessary to help you with your various species of plants and trees. With the tools and knowledge at our disposal, we can regularly trim your trees the right way, so that they will grow healthily and beautifully to enhance the value and appeal of your property. 

Trees are a great addition to any landscape and always add a feeling of life and beauty to a property. If you are looking for a way to make a place look more inviting and vibrant, there is always a perfect selection of trees for this task. But as living things, trees can grow in unexpected ways if not properly cared for. Trees can also get sick and decay making them especially unstable.  
In the wild, this is not a problem and trees are properly maintained as part of the co system, but in a controlled landscape you will need a professional service to handle this task. It is not simply about slashing away a few branches here and there.  
Tree pruning must be done with experience in how trees will respond to planned pruning. If this process is not done properly the damage caused to trees can cause problems later in the tree’s life.  

Reasons for Tree Pruning 

The first step is making a plan for trimming. Each branch that is cut will impact the way the tree continues to grow. Therefore, tree cutting should only be done as part of a plan that has been well thought out by experts. Tree maintenance and also reduce the number of problems your tree faces in the future, but only if trimming is done with purpose and planning. When a tree is trimmed or cut, it is essentially wounded and the loss can make it difficult for the tree to gain valuable nutrients.   
Then there are other reasons that a tree should be pruned and trimmed. For one, the right trimming can improve the airflow through and around the tree and allow more sunlight to shine through as well. Both air and sunlight can keep the tree healthier.  

Proper Tree Trimming 

Tree trimming begins by knowing where to begin trimming. For example, tree trimming should only begin outside of the branch collar. You never want to trim within the branch collar as this will hurt the health of the tree. You will want to cut just beyond it even if you are cutting away dead tree branches. Also, larger tree branches should be undercut to reduce the stress of the tree and ensure that bark is not torn away when the branch is removed.    

Tree Trimming Techniques 

The techniques applied to tree trimming will depend on the results you have planned for. Each of these will be applied to improve the health of the tree and maintain its safety and aesthetics.   
  • Crown cleaning — this will remove branches that have died or become diseased.  
  • Tree thinning — this type of trimming allows for more light to enter and air to circulate through the tree.  
  • Crown raising — by removing the lower tree branches more space is provided below the tree, to allow for foot or motor traffic as well as construction projects.   
  • Crown reduction — this is done to prevent the tree from growing too high while keeping the tree structurally intact.  

How Much Tree Pruning Do You Need? 

It is the size, age and type of tree that will determine how much trimming is needed. For example, more can be trimmed from a young growing tree than can be taken from an older mature tree. Smaller trees are better able to recover from the ordeal than an older tree. 
But you will want to only apply the trimming needed on old or young trees. You will want to make sure the trimming done is applied with balance and planning. For the most part older trees should not be trimmed unless it is an emergency. 

Dressing Open Wounds 

Experts agree that this is not necessary and will only promote tree infections. The best course of action is to use clean sharp cutting instruments. If you need to do this for a cosmetic reason, use only clean light coverings and remove them as soon as possible.   

Hiring A Tree Service Company

Except for the most basic tree trimming, and even then, sometimes, it is always best to have your trees trimmed by the experts. Larger projects can be very dangerous as the limbs can react unexpectedly and cause you to fall from the ladder. The use of power tools makes the project even more difficult and if there are power lines in the vicinity you will need to plan to leave those undisturbed.   
As the experts in tree trimming throughout the Island of Oahu, we can handle all tree trimming to enhance the beauty, appearance and safety of your trees. Tree care experts have the training, tools and safety equipment needed to ensure these projects are completed without a problem.

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