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A tree stump in itself isn’t pretty to look and when you see its impact on your patio or house foundation, it gets even worse. People can trip on the roots as well. You may think that it’s a handy place to sit on until you realize your home is covered in carpenter ants and termites. All these reasons can help explain why you need our stump removal services. 

Besides, you can really make better use of the space. You can do lots of things with the area, such as build a patio or even a swimming pool. 

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Why Choose Us?

In all likelihood we can do a much better job than you can. It’s not something that an average DIY enthusiast can or should be doing, after all. You mostly likely don’t have the right tools and you can’t just wrap your tree stump with chains and trust your huge pickup engine to pull the thing up. It’s not that easy, and you’ll just end up with a damaged truck. 

But comparatively speaking, it’s easy for us to get this job done. We have the means to finish the job. Some methods can take several days, if you’re not in a hurry. We can even finish the job in several hours if you feel that it’s necessary. 

Call (808) 698-6766 and we at Island Ohana Tree & Landscaping Services can make sure it is done properly and within schedule. We can give you a quote free of charge, and you’re not even obligated to avail our services. But we’re pretty sure that you should, as we have plenty of satisfied customers that can back us up. 

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We offer reasonable prices, and the price we quote at the start of the project remains the same price when we’re done. We never ever charge hidden fees, and what we say goes. 

Our certified arborists have the knowledge and experience needed to make sure that your stump is removed properly without making a mess of things. Our team members are very professional and courteous so you’ll feel at ease with us working on your property. We also use special equipment, so if you need our emergency services we can start helping you promptly. 

We can get rid of that tree stump right before a garden wedding, or if a potential homebuyer is visiting your property. If you need it done fast, Island Ohana Tree & Landscaping Services is your guy.

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