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Do you want your land cleared? The good news is that you don’t have to do it yourself. Island Ohana Tree & Landscaping offers professional land and lot clearing services at very reasonable rates. 

Dial (808) 698-6766 and talk to us about your land clearing needs. We can quote a fair price without hidden fees, and we can make sure we do it right and on time. Our work ethics and professionalism have led to numerous satisfied customers, and we’re confident you will be satisfied as well. 

We offer free quotes and immediate responses—call (808) 698-6766 today!

What We Can Do

What we offer is a super-efficient clearing method that will meet all your standards. If you want a tree or a tree stump to disappear, we can do it as if it’s like a Photoshop trick. We can remove the tree so that just about every trace of it will be gone. It will be like it never was ever there to begin with. You won’t find any branches or twigs at all. 

Of course, we still make sure that you get the chance to plant a tree in the area if you ever change your mind in the future. Perhaps you’ve had a tree removed because of too much deadwood, and you wished for a simple lawn in its place. But then maybe in a few years you may yearn for another tree and so we will make sure that this area can accommodate one easily.

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What We Can Do Better

Clearing land isn’t as easy as jumping on your riding lawn mower to cut your grass. You’ll need to deal with shrubs, trees, and tree stumps, and clearing these things will need proper expertise along with specialized equipment. We have both the knowledge and the tools, along with the long years of experience that give you exemplary results. 

We can clear your land properly, and that means removing trees and shrubs without unnecessarily damaging your property. We can make sure we minimize the inevitable damage as we uproot the plants, take out dying or already dead trees, and grind the stumps away. What you’ll have in the end is land you can build on. 

There won’t be any future troubles with shallow roots, so you’re able to begin your new construction without a hitch. Our land and lot clearing services can make it seem like a new slate. 

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