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Does Your Tree Pose A Hazard?

Trees can seem healthy at first glance, and some can look quite majestic with their great size. But looks can be deceiving especially for people untrained in hazardous tree assessment.

It’s possible that the tree may have grown in an unbalanced way, so like a person with a bad leg, it can fall on its side. Rot can spread through the trunk of the tree, and that can make it unstable as well. Even insects can burrow in, and chop the tree from the inside. 

These are problems that we at Island Ohana Tree & Landscaping Services are trained to deal with. We have the necessary knowledge and equipment to solve these problems. We can also assess the health of your trees so that we can prevent these problems from occurring in the first place. 

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Reasons To Get Your Tree Checked

If you’re a typical homeowner, you simply don’t have the experience and the training to recognize the telltale symptoms that a hazardous tree can show. It’s true that a strong storm can blow a tree off, but that’s simply more likely when the tree has been weakened by disease, insects, or unbalanced growth to begin with. That storm may just have been the last straw on the camel’s back. 

Insects can cause damage to trees, especially when they’re able to go untreated for many years. The health of the tree can also become affected, when the tree is unable to obtain the nutrients it needs or if the roots have been damaged in some way. 

It’s hard for untrained eyes to see such problems, and that’s why you need to call us. We have the experience and training to recognize the problems right off, so you won’t have problems in the years to come. 

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The Tree Assessment

Our assessment can accurate diagnose the precise health of your trees. In addition, we don’t just see the problems but offer possible solutions. We can give you solutions that need to be taken immediately, just like if a person needs emergency treatment. We can then offer short term answers that can help treat and prevent problems, and long-term plans to make sure that in the years to come your trees grow strong without posing a hazard to your health and your property. 

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